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Are you the kind of educator that is creative, and an out-of-the-box motivator, that is able to inspire youngsters to perform beyond their perceived limitations? Maybe, you are an educator with a stellar track record, high-qualified in your area of license but you feel that you’ve been restricted in the approaches that you can employ to make students really soar? Or, are you an aspiring educator that has a passion for teaching and impacting the whole lives of students? Wherever your “why” lands along the trajectory of these questions, Renaissance Collegiate Academy would love to hear from you and understand why you think you would be an asset to our community.

Are you the kind of educator that is creative, and an out-of-the-box motivator?

Our mission is to change the world-a premier educational institute that changes the destiny of young men and women beyond what they believed possible. The mission of the Renaissance Collegiate Academy is to provide children, especially low-income students and students of color who have been historically underserved in American schools, with the academic foundation and ambition to earn a college degree, pursue a career, or start a viable business. Through the transformation of students into scholars, we intend to produce critical thinkers, innovators, life-long learners and thought leaders of the next generation for whom college is a next step and entrepreneurship is a goal.

Are you Talented, Passionate and Progressively-Minded Team of Educators

I’ve been privileged and tasked with the opportunity to lead a talented, passionate and progressively-minded team of educators, enthusiastic and engaged scholars and supportive community in the creation of professional teaching and learning community where students are transformed into scholars. Both national and local history affords us the sad tale of students of color or those coming from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds being subjected to the disservice of public school under-education, and of being held to low expectations. Renaissance Collegiate Academy seeks to address this head on and transform the possibilities of all our students—giving them an educational experience that makes them into critical thinkers, innovators and life-long learners who will be held to high expectations academically and socially. We understand that this will take hard work, a communal effort, parental buy-in and a laser focus on integrating literacy across our curriculum. Our core values align to the acronym VIGOR-Virtue (Right-thinking, right acting), Inquiry, Maintaining a GROWTH mindset thru developing their social emotional intelligence, Organization and Order and last and certainly not least Rigor.

I encourage you to contact us, begin the application process, join our team of educators and become a part of this history making institution in Columbia, South Carolina.

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