Pre-Enrollment - Renaissance Collegiate Academy

Our Frequently Asked Questions about Renaissance Collegiate Academy will assist parents in making the first step for your child’s future.

We are a tuition-free, public charter school option. There is no tuition or fees for families to pay. We are a publicly funded school.

We are in negotiations with the local school district-Richland School District Two-about obtaining some shared bus routes. In addition, we have some smaller school buses that we are planning routes that align with our enrollments.

Daily, students will be served a hot breakfast and lunch that meets the state and federal guidelines for school meal services. This will also not be a fee-based service.

We have planned to have staff on hand early to receive early drop-offs and we have planned an afterschool program to facilitate the needs of parents with late-pick-up. Some of these options may be partnerships with other community groups.

The typical instructional day runs from 8am to 4:25pm with a AM recess, a PM recess and a LUNCH BREAK.

Yes, as a federally and state-funded public institution we have to make sure that the resources and staff are in place to facilitate every child’s needs. We have a Special Education Coordinator on staff, and a Special Education Teacher. We also have contracted with Speech Pathologists, and other Special Education related therapist services in the event that we have an influx of students who need services.

Your child will be using standard educational technology and in each class there is a class set of laptops (chromebooks) and occasionally students will be accessing tablets that have pre-installed educational software.

For Reading, Writing and English Language Arts we are using both the Core Knowledge Curriculum Series and Success Academies Curriculum. For Math we are using the Achievement First Curriculum Series. For Social Studies and Science we are using the Core Knowledge Curriculum Series. All of these curriculums have been aligned to the SC College and Career Ready Standards.