January 28th board meeting - Renaissance Collegiate Academy

27 Jan

Meeting Agenda for TUESDAY, January 28th, 2020

Renaissance Collegiate Academy-Board Meeting Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 7:00pm

Location: 425 Summit Terrace Court, Building 2, Columbia SC 29229 (Multi-Purpose Room)

Commencement Time: 7pm

1.Meeting Opening

1.1 Welcome

1.2 Roll Call

1.3 Approval of Previous Minutes for the December 10th Meeting

1.4 Review of the School’s Mission and Vision

Mission Statement The mission of Renaissance Collegiate Academy is to provide ALL children regardless of their backgrounds, or socio-economic status with the academic foundation and ambition to earn a college degree and pursue a career. Through the transformation of students into scholars, we intend to produce critical thinkers, innovators, life-long learners and thought leaders of the next generation for whom college is a next step.

Consistent with the purpose of charter schools in South Carolina, Renaissance Collegiate Academy intends to employ flexible and innovative ways of educating children within the public school system to close the achievement gaps between traditionally low performing student groups and high performing student groups. Through providing increased learning opportunities for traditionally underserved students, Renaissance Collegiate Academy will assist South Carolina in reaching academic excellence for all children.

Vision Statement The reason why we exist is to ensure that matriculating eighth grade students are fully prepared for the demands and opportunities of a rigorous secondary school of their choice. The preparation that scholars will receive at RCA will greatly increase their academic and career aspirations, and positively affect the social, cultural and economic trajectory of families in the midlands, and ultimately the communities in the Northeast Columbia areas that we serve. Scholars will graduate with the academic skills, social-emotional skills and character strengths that rival the outcomes of the best schools in the country. Thus, Renaissance Collegiate Academy ensures that – at each grade level prior to the eighth grade year – all scholars are firmly and measurably on the path to success in high school and ultimately college.

1.5 Review of the School’s Goals

Goal #1-Renaissance Collegiate Academy will assist South Carolina in reaching academic excellence.

Goal #2-Renaissance Collegiate Academy will improve student learning as evidenced by individual student learning gains on a school administered nationally normed assessment. (MAP/NWEA)

Goal #3-Renaissance Collegiate Academy will increase learning opportunities for students as evidenced by the results from annual student and parent climate surveys.

Goals #4-Renaissance Collegiate Academy will establish new forms of accountability for schools, as evidenced by the school’s sound financial management practices and results.


The official meeting of the board is by law a public meeting and the Board values citizen input; however, in order to protect the integrity of the adopted agenda, public dialogue will be restricted to the “PUBLIC COMMENTS” section of the agenda or as directed by the Board chairman.

• Each speaker has two minutes.

• Speakers may not ask questions of Board Members.

• Board Members may not engage speakers in discussion.

• Disruptive behavior is not permitted.

• Personal attacks aimed at students and staff are not permitted.

• Scurrilous, obscene, or recklessly defamatory language aimed at any Board Member is not permitted.

2. Matters of Discussion

2.1 Finance Report

2.2 SC Education Subcommittees Legislative Update

2.3 Fundraising Plan

2.4 School Activity and Condition Report

2.5 Resolution of the meeting

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